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Texas’ Top 1031 Exchange Company

Since 1994, real estate investors have trusted 1031X to efficiently and securely defer taxes through 1031 exchanges. As of 2021, safely handled over $3 billion in exchange transactions for its clients, including many who live and invest in Texas.

A 1031 exchange allows investors and business owners to defer taxes on their real estate transactions. This leads to more capital for your next project — which, in turn, means access to higher returns and larger asset classes.

Remember, the IRS requires investors to use an intermediary for all exchanges; all such transactions should be overseen by an expert. Thanks to its tenure, transaction volume, and customized service, it’s easy to understand why 1031X is the leader in the market.

More about Texas

One of the largest and most populous states, Texas has a population of roughly 28.7 million people (as of 2018). In fact, Texas saw its population increase 13.9% since 2010. The largest metropolitan areas, by population, are Dallas-Fort Worth (7.5 million, 4th largest in the nation), Houston (7 million, 5th), and San Antonio (2.5 million, 23rd).

Texas was once an independent republic, having succeeded from Mexico 1836 — ten years before joining as the 28th state in the United States. This is one main reason Texas commonly refers to itself as the “Lone Star State.”

The Texas economy is robust and friendly to businesses and investors alike. As of 2018, the estimated GSP of Texas was $1.8 trillion, which would make it the 10th largest economy in the world, ahead of such countries as Canada, Russia, and South Korea.

Real estate investment in Texas

Texas benefits from a large, growing population with very low unemployment. Its abundance of land means there is often room for new development and relatively inexpensive real estate options. On the other hand, large urban centers also see consistent appreciation for high-value commercial and residential assets.

Areas like Dallas and Houston are increasingly attractive to investors looking for cash-flowing rentals. In Dallas, for example, home equity growth for the 6-year period ending in 2018 was 45%, or 8% faster than the national average. Even so, the average home price was still lower than the national average, making it accessible to a wide range of investors (and businesses with employees that need affordable housing).

The state of Texas is one of the 8 fastest growing states in the country (some estimates put them as high as 3rd). The state also enjoys strong job growth and low unemployment. Many expect continued growth thanks to a high birth rate, net positive migration, and affordable housing.

Questions about 1031 exchanges in Texas?

Even experienced real estate investors are often unaware of the ability (or unsure about how) to defer capital gains tax on their investment properties. This is where 1031X comes in.

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As local experts with more than two decades of experience, we answer questions and provide assistance for investors looking to move forward with a 1031 exchange for their property. No question is too basic or too complicated for our real estate exchange experts.

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