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The exchange where you buy first, sell second

Capture the property you want. Reverse exchanges allow you to compete in a hot market, even when your existing assets aren’t ready to sell yet.

Receive expert guidance

Most 1031 companies are moving away from reverse exchanges. 1031X embraces these complex solutions. Partner with an Advanced Exchange Specialist to help you find the best structure today.

Proactive help obtaining financing

Financing the replacement property purchase can be an enormous hurdle. Thankfully, 1031X has established lending relationships around the United States.

Need to pivot? No problem.

You can’t always anticipate when you’ll need a reverse exchange — or when you need to stop one. Convert between exchange types quickly with 1031X.

Navigate state and local hurdles

There are more state- and locality-specific considerations to navigate with a reverse exchange (looking at you, California). 1031X has done business in all 50 states for nearly 30 years.

Don’t worry about communication

A reverse 1031 can be unintuitive even to the most experienced investors. 1031X will communicate and coordinate with every party involved.

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