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Mastering the Basics of Real Property and Like-Kind Property

Navigating the world of real estate investments can be complex, especially when dealing with tax deferral strategies like 1031 exchanges. Named after Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS)
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When to Start Preparing for a 1031 Exchange

A 1031 exchange, named after Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Service’s tax code, allows investors to defer capital gains on selling their property as long as they comply with
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Why Early Involvement of a Qualified Intermediary is Crucial for Successful 1031 Exchanges

The 1031 exchange is a powerful tool for real estate investors, allowing them to defer taxes and unlock capital after they sell an investment property. However, successfully navigating this process
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Navigating Exchange Pitfalls: 6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your 1031 Exchange

If you invest in real estate or work with those who do, it’s not an exaggeration to say that understanding how the government supports (or inhibits) real estate investments is
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Guide to Converting Investment Property into Principal Residence

After completing my 1031 exchange, how long must I wait before I can safely convert my replacement property into my primary residence? Many clients ask how to convert an investment
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1031x Lauryn Dempsey Interview

1031 Interview: Lauryn Dempsey

Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic came out of nowhere and left an economy reeling in its wake. The effect on real estate is profound, but not necessarily crippling.  In
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1031 Interview: Caryn Botknecht

We explore the upcoming Biden Administration, the effect of COVID vaccines, which metrics matter the most when choosing real estate investments, and much more. The COVID-19 pandemic hit commercial and
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Biden’s “American Families Plan” to raise gains taxes, abolish large 1031 exchanges

Wednesday evening, President Joseph Biden unveiled his next ambitious $1.8 trillion spending bill — dubbed the American Families Plan. Almost immediately thereafter, the real estate industry began sounding alarms over
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Like Kind Exchange — Examples of “Boot”

What Is “Boot”? “Boot” is old financial parlance that means “value given in addition to.” In a 1031 Exchange, “boot” is anything received by the taxpayer that is not like-kind
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1031 Exchange Investor Center (2021)

Introducing: The 1031 Exchange Investor Center

1031x is very excited to announce the release of the new 1031 Exchange Investor Center. This free resource covers 37 key topics — including IRS rules, top investor strategies, the role of the
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1031 Interview: Real Estate Investing with Matthew Frankel, CFP

We explore the upcoming Biden Administration, the effect of COVID vaccines, which metrics matter the most when choosing real estate investments, and much more. Matthew Frankel, senior real estate analyst
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What We Know About Biden’s Plans for 1031 Exchanges

We explore the upcoming Biden Administration, the effect of COVID vaccines, which metrics matter the most when choosing real estate investments, and much more. America just had a Presidential Election. It
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Adding Value to Your Investment Property Using Innovative Building Materials

AS THE OWNER of an investment property, one of your main priorities should be to add value to that property. You’ll generate more revenue, attract better tenants, and later command a
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1031 Exchange Tax Reporting — How to File?

This is your simple guide to 1031 exchange tax reporting. Nobody enjoys paying their taxes. While we can’t make it fun for you, we can at least help your 1031 exchange
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1031 Exchange vs Opportunity Zones. Which is better for you?

Comparing the Pros and Cons of Opportunity Zones and 1031 Exchange After the Trump administration signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, America’s real estate community
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Partnership Strategies in a 1031 Exchange

– What to do when some partners want to do a 1031 exchange, but others don’t – A frequent call to our company goes like this: “Five of us own an LLC.
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4 Better Strategies for Owner Carry Financing

Owner Carry Financing in a 1031 Exchange – Installment Sales under IRC Section 453 – Investors often ask us if owner carried financing (installment sales under IRC section 453) and a 1031 exchange (IRC
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A Guide To Understanding Reverse Exchanges

Want to utilize a 1031 exchange but need to close on your replacement property first? You should consider a “reverse” 1031. These transactions are more complicated and challenging than standard exchanges, but
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Single Member LLCs as Tenants in Common

Why Tenants in Common (TIC) structure is advantageous for 1031 exchange investors The limited liability company (LLC) is a relatively young creature created by State statutes. By contrast, the concept of owning
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