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Adding Value to Your Investment Property Using Innovative Building Materials

AS THE OWNER of an investment property, one of your main priorities should be to add value to that property.

You’ll generate more revenue, attract better tenants, and later command a higher resale price.

Landlords and property owners commonly upgrade their buildings, of course. But, thanks to the wide range of innovative materials and upgrades available today, there’s never been a more lucrative time than now.

Want to take maximum advantage of today’s value-add options?

Try these:

A Delightful Discovery

Details are still emerging. We do know that the American Families Plan (AFP) purports to expand or create a host of domestic policies. This includes:

Coming on the heels of a $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill, which itself followed a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, the AFP represents one of the most expensive spending packages in world history.

To partially offset the costs, the AFP would also:

How would this impact 1031 exchanges?

According to the White House summary, the American Families Plan would change the Internal Revenue Code to disallow any like-kind tax treatment under Section 1031 for real estate that has more than $500,000 in capital gains.

To the extent we have good data on this, a $500K cap is well above the average exchange value. Economic impact studies, most notably those produced by Barker, Ling, and Petrova, suggest the average market value of properties included in tax-deferred exchanges is less than $500,000.

Those in the commercial real estate space are more likely to be effected, since commercial assets are, on average, larger and more valuable than residential assets.

This will also more likely affect properties that are part of multi-exchange events (e.g. selling a property that was acquired as part of a prior 1031 exchange).

Of course, more details will emerge over time.

What Happens Next?

The proposed bill needs to be workshopped through Congress and ultimately signed into law before it could take effect.

With narrow margins in the House and Senate, it’s likely that any proposed plan would be subject to serious revision in order to keep all Democratic legislators on board. Experts do not expect any Republican lawmakers to support the AFP.

When Would the American Families Plan Take Effect?

There are rumors that changes to 1031 exchange eligibility would be made retroactive (that is, apply to exchanges that are processed in 2021 or earlier).

While there is some precedent for retroactive tax applications, 1031X could find no evidence to support this rumor.

If passed in 2021, the most likely outcome would be for changes to be made effective in January 2022 or January 2023.

Synthetic Fiber Cement Shingles

Regular asphalt shingles are being phased out with increasing frequency all across the world.

Compared to synthetic fiber cement shingles, asphalt shingles are far less durable despite similar costs.

Synthetic fiber cement shingles are 

  • stylistically diverse
  • incredibly durable
  • cost-effective
  • a great place to start adding value to your property.

Innovative Frame Structures

Wood, sheetrock, and metal frames were once the gold standard when it comes to building frames.

No longer.

New materials like ICFs (insulated concrete forms) offer far more value for a similar or lower cost in many cases.

ICFs prove vastly more energy-efficient and durable whilst possessing the same stylistic versatility found in more common materials like wood.

This makes them a superior alternative to insulated structural panels.

Modern Trendy Countertops

Tenants often place a high value on countertops.

Consider swapping out old laminate or granite countertops for materials that are more popular, such as:

– quartz

– marble

– another sleek, solid surface

Make sure to remodel the kitchen countertops as well as the bathroom countertops with your chosen material.

Exciting New Sinks

Sink designs tend to age quickly. So swap out those dated, standard grade chrome sinks for something with more flavor.

You can easily find more upscale options like brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze.

Pro Tip:

Keep your sinks and faucets uniform throughout the property.

You’ll avoid upsetting the decor.

Upgraded Storage

Storage is a valuable commodity for many renters (particularly in urban settings) so upgrade yours however you can.

Bigger cabinets, pullout pantries, closet organization systems, and in-wall storage can all go a long way towards adding serious value to your property.

Eye-Catching New Windows

Modern-looking windows add tons of aesthetic value.

If your property is in a noisy area, consider replacing your current windows with double pane windows. These windows help to muffle noise and also improve energy efficiency.

Takeaway: Adding Value Has Never Been Easier

Different locations and demographics will respond differently to certain materials, so assess your overall statistics before making any final choices.

The fact remains: with this many new materials and property upgrades on the market, boosting your property value has never been easier or more exciting.

Most of the materials we’ve listed here, however, are almost guaranteed to boost your investment property value in any location.

From the roof to the windows, countertops, storage areas, framing, and more, you have a nearly endless list of value-adding investment property upgrades to choose from.

Editor’s Note

You want to add value.

But the IRS wants to tax it.

You can always keep the IRS at bay when you add a 1031 exchange to your long-term real estate investments.

How it works:

→ Follow Corey’s advice. Add value.

→ Generate more revenue

→ Sell at a higher price

→ Do a 1031 exchange. (No Taxes)

→ Move 100% of your value into your next investment property

It’s that easy.

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