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Our Clients

a man smiling holding a laptop representing a happy 1031x client

1031X delivers attentive, transparent, and professional 1031 exchange services to every client. Our commitment to your needs – not ours, and not the needs of the tax authorities – means that your 1031 exchange is more likely to provide lasting tax advantages that fit your portfolio.

Work with us, and join the tens of thousands of investors we have helped over the past 30 years.  

a man smiling holding a laptop representing a happy 1031x client

Our client stories & testimonials

We are very fortunate to have forged amazing relationships with real estate investors all over the United States. Read reviews for our 1031 exchange services from satisfied clients:

Forward 1031 exchange, 2021
“This was my first 1031 experience, so I was modestly timid about appearing stupid.

My contact Denise was friendly, competent, and proactive in keeping the whole process flowing and on schedule. She clearly explained the steps and what was required of me along the way. One day before the close of escrow, I thought to verify that the title of my new property would have my trust as the owner rather than the individual "me".

I emailed my question and got a quick response back that paperwork must be re-done for the next day’s close Of course, I felt horrible for making Denise and her crew change everything because of my lack of attention to this matter!

Denise was cheerful and apparently happy to make the important changes.

The transer to do the funding and the movement of the leftover cash from the exchange to my bank account went smoothly. 1031x took precautions to call me on the phone to verify the account numbers before sending the money. They also took the effort to make sure the surety for the exchange was not taxed according to capital gains but was part of the tax-free 1031 process.

This saved me money that I honestly had not thought about!

I'm glad my real estate agent chose 1031X! I'm not surprised, though.”
Steve S.
Forward 1031 exchange, 2021
“I have used other 1031 exchange companies before, and I will say 1031X is the best.

I found myself on vacation and not able to use the "other" 1031 exchange company due to a change in my closing date. I could not get in touch with them all day. I did some searching on my phone and found 1031X and gave them a call. Wow! They knew time was an issue and got everything done so fast. Since I was on vacation, I had to do everything on my phone. They were great. Got it done. I just want to say thank you to the whole team.”
Robert J.
Serial 1031 exchanges, 2017- 2020
“It has been an honor to work with the staff of 1031X!

They are deeply skilled, incredibly responsive and have an exceptional approach to translating complicated policies and procedures into understandable terms.

1031X not only handled our most recent 1031 exchange, but they graciously sorted through complicated records for previous transactions to ensure that our current exchange was perfectly executed.

They've engaged with our lender, title company, attorney and tax preparer with the utmost professionalism and generosity.

We are grateful for their time and expertise, and give them our absolute highest recommendation.”
Gretchen M.
Forward 1031 exchange, 2019
“As a real estate investor, I am always trying my best to utilize any available tools which might maximize my return on my investment.

When my accountant told me that I would have a $20,000 tax bill due on the sale of an investment property, I decided to look into a 1031 exchange (even though I had no prior experience with tax planning.)

Scott at 1031X walked me through the process and was ALWAYS AVAILABLE to promptly answer any questions I had. Additionally he worked with my title companies to facilitate the transactions flawlessly and helped me utilize tax laws that benefited my business and my bottom line! I strongly recommend 1031X.”
David J.

Why work with 1031X for your next exchange?

If you hope to exchange your property for another of its kind, you’ll need a dependable intermediary to usher you through each step. The 1031 exchange process is complicated, but 1031X ensures you navigate it successfully. We know that investors have plenty of intermediary options; here’s why 1031X stands out.

Denise and everyone at 1031X were extremely helpful from the very beginning of the 1031 exchange process to our final closing. They explained everything very thoroughly to help us understand the process and were always available by phone or email within hours for answering any and all questions. We are extremely pleased with the service they provided and would recommend them to anyone looking to sell and purchase investment properties via a 1031 exchange Lee LaCroix, a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!
Lee L, Investor
This is by far the easiest and trouble free experience I have had with a real estate transaction. 1031X made the whole exchange process simplified and explained all the steps very clearly. This will be the only company I go to for my next 1031 exchange
Ralph N., Investor
A 1031 real estate exchange sounds complicated and intimidating, right? The people at 1031X are excellent at making the process transparent, accessible and the opposite of a headache, for a very reasonable fee. I highly recommend 1031X.
Lisa P., Investor
Amazing experience! Extremely knowledgeable people. Transaction went without a hitch; their guidance is unsurpassed.
A. Bravo, Investor
I've done three real estate 1031 exchanges through 1031X, and each exchange was straightforward and simple. The transactions and funds transfer using 1031X were seamless and without delay. I plan to use 1031X again soon.
Victor T., Investor
Scott is super effective, proficient and polite. He was responsive to each request so quickly. As a Title Insurance agent who works with a number of exchange intermediaries, Scott is definitely someone I would refer a seller to
Elizabeth F., Title Officer

Benefits of Working With 1031X

  • Dedicated service: From start to finish, you’ll work directly with your own dedicated 1031 expert who will help you see the process from all angles. We’ll always put your needs first as we walk you through the ideal exchange solution for your situation. 
  • Experienced consultants: The most experienced 1031 professionals find the opportunities others would miss. With 1031X, you’ll feel confident knowing your agent will leverage their vast knowledge to optimize your savings. 
  • Convenient technological innovations: As our partner, you’ll access our advanced tools that automate complicated 1031 processes to ensure accuracy and reduce delays. Our paperless client portal will guide you through the exchange process while securing your information behind blockchain-powered encryption software. 
  • Transparent prices: Each of our services features a single flat rate. We’ll schedule a fast, free consultation where you’ll learn upfront exactly how much you can expect to pay. 
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