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Internal Revenue Code section 1031 - Austin, TX - 1031X

Austin has been one of the hottest real estate markets in Texas for the last decade. The growth has been felt in the commercial and residential real estate markets. This has led many real estate investors to use the 1031 exchange in Austin strategy to defer taxes on capital gains. 1031X is the best 1031 exchange company to help create and execute your tax strategy.


Austin’s real estate market offers a wide variety of investment properties that qualify for a 1031 like-kind exchange. The commercial real estate market has enjoyed massive growth due in part to companies either relocating or expanding in Austin. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple have increased their footprint in Austin, leading to additional growth downtown and in other parts of town. Along with the commercial opportunities, the residential growth has been robust. Austin has been the landing point for many people moving from other states to Texas. This has led to strong single-family and multi-family housing demand.

Commercial Real Estate

It doesn’t take long for people to notice the growth in the commercial real estate market. Austin was once the town known for being proud of its “weird” heritage. Now it’s becoming better known for its constantly changing skyline. The capitol building for the state of Texas was once the most prominent feature of that skyline. Now, the skyline is defined by numerous modern buildings, many of which were built in the last decade. Cranes and scaffolding has also become a constant image in Austin, pointing to the continued growth in the commercial real estate market there.

While downtown has certainly thrived as a business center in the city, other sections of Austin have also been part of the commercial real estate boom. Both North Austin and Round Rock have also been able to participate in the boom. Round Rock was once only known for Dell, Inc. While they are still the largest of the companies there, the northern suburb of Austin is home to several other companies, allowing it to become a hub for commercial real estate investors. Not too far away in north Austin, several tech companies have chosen to build campuses with massive footprints, adding to the need for additional commercial offices.

Residential Real Estate

The growth in commercial real estate tends to bring a growth in the residential real estate markets as well. As companies relocate headquarters, more and more people move to the city. In fact, between 2010 and 2020 the population of metro Austin grew 33% (according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce). Real estate investors have enjoyed historic growth over this period! Austin is the hottest market in Texas and doesn’t appear to be colling off any time soon.



The 1031 exchange is one of the most useful tax strategy tools for real estate investors. The IRS requires that investors use an unbiased third party to execute the exchange. Selecting the right 1031 exchange company is clearly very important. Successful investors want to use a company with a track record of successful results in helping clients navigate the changing tax code. While history is also important, investors must also make sure the company is present active and up to date on all aspects of real estate tax codes.

1031X is the preferred 1031 exchange company for thousands of investors. The company was founded in 1994 and has been the trusted advisor to thousands of real estate investors across the country. The exchange process is simple to begin. The best place to start is with a phone call. They can answer all your questions and provide a free guide to inform you about the requirements for the 1031 exchange. Call today for more information and to get started: 888-899-1031!


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