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Texas 1031 Exchange Services

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Texas’ Top 1031 Exchange Company

If you’re searching for a trusted Qualified Intermediary (QI), your search stops with 1031X for exchanges located in Texas. Learn about exchanges in Texas and how our solutions streamline the process.

Real estate investment in Texas

The outlook for the real estate market in Texas is promising. First, the state has a large and rapidly growing population. More people means more potential renters for your investment properties. With urban centers like Dallas, Houston, and Austin, investors will enjoy a large pool of potential renters (or buyers).

Second, Texas has a low unemployment rate. In May 2022, the rate was at 3.8%. Low unemployment implies that people are more likely to be looking for housing and more willing to pay higher rates for housing. With high land availability, there is plenty of room for new real estate to pop up inside and outside of urban centers.

With the potential of the real estate market, investors flock to the state for profitable opportunities. With a 1031 exchange, you can optimize your investments by deferring your tax liability. At 1031X, we get you there step-by-step.

1031 Exchanges in Texas

The IRS sets the rules for 1031 exchanges, and individual state tax laws affect the details of the process. We can help you manage any quirks in Texas tax law that might affect the exchange process.

Generally, Texas doesn’t have a lot of additional tax considerations (although their community property law might make a difference if you’re married). Working through the exchange process in Texas will involve all the core requirements of a like-kind exchange, such as:

  • The properties must be like-kind.
  • The replacement property (or properties) must be of equal or greater value to the relinquished property.
  • You must identify replacement properties within 45 days of your sale.
  • You must purchase a replacement property within 180 days of your sale.
  • A Qualified Intermediary (like 1031X) must facilitate your exchange.

Learn more about the ins and outs of a 1031 exchange at our investor center or our FAQ page. When you trust us as your QI, we’ll fill in any gaps to give you the confidence to handle your exchange.

What sets 1031X apart?

With 1031X as your Qualified Intermediary, you get:

  • Personalized attention: You have a dedicated Exchange Officer who guides you through your exchange from start to finish. You can turn to your Exchange Officer anytime to get questions answered and learn about the next steps. This one-on-one 1031 exchange support is hard to come by with just any QI. 
  • User-friendly client portal: You deserve to be connected to your exchange at every step in the process. Our user-friendly client portal makes that possible. Use our platform to identify replacement properties in seconds and chat with your Exchange Officer.
  • Streamlined automation: Our client portal helps automate many processes to make everything paperless. With an automated 1031 exchange, you can quickly access, sign, and revisit documents in the portal anytime. Your documents stay organized, and there’s no clutter.
  • Experience and connections: We’ve been in business since 1994 — we know what it takes to facilitate a 1031 exchange. Over the years, we’ve also built connections with various professionals in Texas real estate, so we can help you meet your unique investment goals.

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