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Missouri’s Top 1031 Exchange Company

Looking for a trusted Qualified Intermediary (QI) to help with your next 1031 exchange in Missouri? With decades of experience, 1031X is an excellent option. Choosing 1031X for Missouri exchanges means personalized solutions, user-friendly tools, and successful tax deferment.

Real estate investment in Missouri

Understanding market opportunities is key when you’re a real estate investor. Missouri boasts plenty of natural areas and parks that drive outdoorsy folks to the state to vacation or live. With Missouri’s relatively affordable rental prices, many people decide to rent there.

For example, in 2021, the average rent price for a 2-bedroom apartment was $728/month, with a 4-bedroom being $1,104/month. However, recent studies have shown that rent prices are climbing. Cities like Columbia and Springfield have seen 7.3% and 6.1% increases, respectively.

While the rent rises can benefit investors, deferring tax liability can help you optimize your gains. With professional 1031 exchange solutions from 1031X, you can get the most from your investment goals.

1031 Exchanges in Missouri

Investors often want to understand 1031 exchanges on a state level because different tax laws might change the process. For example, Colorado requires withholding tax on property sales, and Indiana only recognizes exchanges in specific circumstances.

Missouri has straightforward laws for 1031 exchanges. If you’re looking to exchange property in the state, you’ll follow the standard 1031 guidelines described by the IRS. These requirements are:

  1. Your replacement property must be of equal or greater value to your relinquished property.
  2. The properties must be like-kind.
  3. You must identify replacement properties within 45 days of the sale.
  4. You must purchase your replacement property within 180 days of the sale.
  5. You need a Qualified Intermediary to facilitate the exchange.

As an independent 1031 company, 1031X acts as a QI for your Missouri exchanges. We guide you through the process to ensure everything complies with state and federal law. Learn more about 1031 exchanges with our online resources.

Why choose 1031X?

The IRS requires you to work with a QI. If it’s mandatory, why is 1031X a better option over other companies out there? Our personalized exchange solutions include:

  • Individualized attention: Most QIs won’t look at your individual goals to support investment success — they just facilitate the fund transfer. We believe in delivering focused attention to every client, so you get where you want to go with your investment. For every exchange, you’ll work with a designated Exchange Officer. They walk you through every step and answer your questions.
  • Automation and user-friendly tools: A 1031 exchange involves a lot of paperwork, so we’ve streamlined the process with paperless automation. You can easily read, sign, and revisit documents on our online client portal. You can also use this tool to identify properties and chat with your Exchange Officer.
  • Experience and industry connections: We’ve worked in the world of 1031 exchanges since 1994. Our industry experience allows us to handle transactions efficiently and safely. Plus, we have connections to professionals in Missouri real estate who can support your success.