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The exchange where you improve or build your new property

Create the property you want. 1031X brings the power of tax deferral to your dream projects.

The right partner for every project

Very few intermediaries handle construction exchanges. 1031X has been structuring these for decades. We’ll partner you with an Advanced Exchange Specialist to oversee your project.

Construction lender management

Most lenders are unaware or unsure about a construction exchange. We will hold your lender’s hand through the entire process.

Convert from a different exchange solution

Suddenly find a property that needs some TLC? No problem. Convert between exchange types quickly with 1031X.

The same great features

Even though this is a very advanced exchange, you’ll still get all of the technology, speed and security available for our other exchange solutions.

Custom invoicing and draw strategy

Each construction exchange is different. We’ll build a bespoke invoicing and draw strategy based on your project, contractors and timeline.

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