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1031 Exchange Tools and Resources

Please use these Free Tools built by the 1031X team to help you navigate your exchanges successfully.

(Free) 1031 Exchange eBook
Navigating Closing Costs in a 1031 Exchange

Capital Gains Tax Calculator

Quickly estimate how valuable a 1031 exchange could be for you.

Exchange Deadline Calculator

Plug in your estimated closing date and see how much time you still have to find and capture your next property.

Person calculating property value with miniature model homes

(Free) 1031 Exchange eBook

Get our comprehensive PDF guide — written for investors and in non-lawyer language.

1031 Exchange Glossary

Search for and define 1031 terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Straightforward answers to common questions.

Misconceptions About 1031s

Don’t believe everything you read on internet.

Closing Costs and 1031

Which expenses should you pay with your 1031 proceeds?
calculating 1031 exchange fees