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Sean is the current Director of 1031x. He also contributes to outside publications, including Intuit–Quickbooks®, InsideTheNation.com, and Investopedia. Previously, he worked as a financial advisor, consultant, ghostwriter, and finance journalist. Sean is the former editor-in-chief at Financial Poise™. He was a past contributor to Business.com and Axial Network. Sean's work has reached audiences in the United States, the U.K., Canada, and Australia.

Introducing: The 1031 Exchange Investor Center

By |2021-01-26T12:12:22-07:00January 26th, 2021|1031 Exchanges, Exchange Services|

1031x is very excited to announce the release of the new 1031 Exchange Investor Center. This free resource covers 37 key topics — including IRS rules, top investor strategies, the role of the qualified intermediary, 1031 deadlines, taxable "boot",

1031 Interview: Real Estate Investing with Matthew Frankel, CFP

By |2021-01-06T08:58:30-07:00January 6th, 2021|Current News, Expert Interview, Investment Strategies, Real Estate, Tax Tips|

We explore the upcoming Biden Administration, the effect of COVID vaccines, which metrics matter the most when choosing real estate investments, and much more. Matthew Frankel, senior real estate analyst for Millionacres, a Motley

What We Know About Biden’s Plans for 1031 Exchanges

By |2020-12-16T07:40:28-07:00November 6th, 2020|1031 Exchanges, Current News|

America just had a Presidential Election. It could mean big changes for real estate investors. As we're writing this, it sure seems like Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. will become the 46th President of the United States.

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