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We're constantly innovating for you

1031X works with leading technology companies and systems integrators. We want you to have better, faster, simpler, easier, and more secure 1031 exchanges.

Access for real estate investors

Use modern exchange tools right at your fingertips

Systems for agents and advisors

If your clients need 1031 exchange services, preserve and improve your relationships by partnering with 1031X

Streamlined systems for

faster, easier 1031 solutions

Our technology partners help provide faster, more secure, more accurate and lower-cost exchange solutions.

The 1031X exchange process maximizes the availability for our Exchange Officers to provide direct, personal service to our clients.

The client experience drives everything. Your exchange should be seamless, interactive, informative and (above all else) relaxing.

Layers of Security Features

“Our clients’ communications are protected through secure, encrypted messaging technology. All funds transfers require an e-verified signature from the taxpayer, and no money can move without multiple levels of internal verification. Each client receives a separate, non-commingled Qualified Escrow Account tied to their name and tax ID number. Plus, we work hand-in-hand with our banking partners to prevent fraud or error.

Want to recommend a specific feature?

We’re always looking for good ideas to improve the 1031X experience and process.

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