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1031X provides secure, on-time, and convenient 1031 “like-kind” exchange services. 

Our Mission is Clear

This should be the best 1031 exchange company for both investors and employees. 

Each client should feel comfortable, confident, respected, and unburdened by the complexity of 1031 exchange regulations. 

In an industry dominated by attorneys and accountants, we believe that engaging with a 1031 company shouldn’t require deep legal knowledge or professional training.  Instead, your exchange options and instructions should be clearly provided and simple to execute. 

We also believe that services should be competitively prices and all costs should be upfront.  That’s why our fees are low, flat, and do not change based on deal size or location. 

“Everything we do starts with the same question: 'How does this improve the client experience'.”
Sean M. Ross
“Ultimately, we're judged on whether or not the client's funds arrive safely and on time. It's security and speed.”
Steven W. Hickox
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We're different. Here's why.

Nobody can match our combination of creativity, expertise, speed, and client service.