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1031 Investor Center

Whether you are brand new to 1031 exchanges, or need an advanced strategy, this is your go-to center for Section 1031 Exchange resources.

Exchange Basics

What you’ll learn about exchange basics

Learn the basics in simple, easy language. You’ll get definitions, examples, IRS rules, strategies, and more.

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Benefits to Real Estate Investors

What you’ll learn about the benefits

Learn how 1031 exchanges help investors, including cash flow improvements, changing asset classes, and receiving stepped-up basis.

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The Qualified Intermediary

What you’ll learn about Qualified Intermediary

Learn what a Qualified Intermediary is and why you need one. See how your funds are protected, get helpful tips, and which key mistakes to avoid.

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Maximize Your Tax Benefits

What you’ll learn about tax benefits

Learn which 1031 strategies will maximize your tax benefits, including what to buy, how to hold title (and what to do with LLCs), plus tax calculations.

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Exchange Deadlines

What you’ll learn about exchange deadlines

Learn how to navigate the dreaded 1031 deadlines, how to properly identify replacement properties, and what advanced options you have.

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Avoiding Taxable Boot

What you’ll learn about avoiding taxable boot

Avoid triggering unnecessary taxes, learn to deal with outside cash or debt reduction in a 1031, and see helpful examples.

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1031 Exchange Process

What you’ll learn about the exchange process

Learn how to optimize your 1031 process, when to begin each step, and how to handle unforeseen changes. 

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Advanced Strategies

What you’ll learn about advanced strategies

Navigate complicated deals. Find out how to buy the replacement prior to selling the relinquished. Or see how to make improvements in a 1031. (And lots more)

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