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Introducing: The 1031 Exchange Investor Center

1031x is very excited to announce the release of the new 1031 Exchange Investor Center.

This free resource covers 37 key topics — including IRS rules, top investor strategies, the role of the qualified intermediary, 1031 deadlines, taxable “boot”, and lots more.

Our new Investor Center was one of the most intensive projects that our team undertook in 2020. In fact, it required more than 100 hours of research, writing, designing, editing and coding.

And we’re not finished there.

Each month in 2021, we will set out to add even more great content to the Investor Center based on client feedback.

Check out The 1031 Exchange Investor Center

What You’ll Get

The 1031 Exchange Investor Center has 8 major categories:

  • 1031 Exchange Basics: You’ll learn the foundational elements of tax deferral under IRC §1031. You’ll get definitions, important rules, examples, tax strategies and more.
  • Benefits to Investors: Learn why 1031 exchanges help investors, including improving cash flow, changing asset classes and receiving stepped-up basis.
  • The Qualified Intermediary: Here, we show you what a Qualified Intermediary is, why you need one, and what a good one looks like. In this section we also cover the escrow account and how to protect your money.
  • Maximize Your Tax Benefits: It is one thing to know the rules. It is another to know how to maximize your tax advantage. You’ll learn how much to spend, how to avoid common mistakes and more.
  • Exchange Deadlines: Navigate your 1031 deadlines, which is the most uncomfortable part of most exchanges. We also cover the replacement property identification rules.
  • Avoiding Taxable “Boot”: Here’s where you’ll learn to avoid triggering unnecessary taxes in your exchange.
  • Optimize Your 1031 Exchange: The exchange process can be a real hassle. Here you’ll see when to begin each step, how to handle hiccups, and what a successful or failed 1031 looks like.
  • Advanced Strategies: Reverse exchange. Construction exchange. Converting into a primary residence. Refinancing. Exchanges between related parties. And lots more.

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